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Garage Door Components
Torsion Springs Raynor doors are balanced by torsion (shown) or extension springs. Extension springs are mounted just above the horizontal track, perpendicular to the closed garage door. Torsion springs are mounted above the closed door, parallel and horizontal to the top section of the door. Torsion springs wind and unwind to provide lifting power, where extension springs get their lifting power by stretching.
Door Sections
Door Sections Sections are the primary visual part of your door. Raynor offers a variety of exterior door designs. Interior construction ranges from pan doors without insulation to insulated steel sandwich doors.
Custom-Fit Track
Custom-Fit Track Heavy gauge steel is used to ensure stability and long life. All Raynor track is made specifically for every door ordered and can be adjusted for a precise fit.
Strong Hardware and Quiet Rollers
Strong Hardware and Quiet Rollers Our proprietary Raynor hinges are made of high-quality steel that can easily bear the weight of the door in the upright, closed, position. The EnduraCote Hardware System comes with extended life springs, track and hardware that are powder coated to provide a clean, finished look and maximum protection against rust. Nylon rollers with steel bearings help to provide superior noise reduction and offer smooth operation.
Vinyl bottom weatherseal To help keep out wind and rain, Raynor garage doors feature a vinyl bottom weatherseal attached to a sturdy aluminum retainer.
Photoelectric Eye
Photoelectric Eye These sensors are mounted three to six inches off the floor on either side of the door. Working in conjunction with the garage door opener, photo eyes send an invisible beam across the door opening. If the beam is broken while the door is operating, the door will reverse direction and return to the open position.